Smoking Cessation:

​"I am just writing to say a big Thank you!!! It has been relatively easy - no real physical cravings. I have been in all the situations where normally I would smoke (Funerals, Family Arguments, Hockey Games, Work, etc.) and I have gotten through each and every one of them. I wanted to say thank you so very much! I highly recommend your procedure to anyone who I talk to about quitting smoking.

​​I would also like to let you know the positive side effects I have experienced... Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) - I no longer suffer with this at night when prior to laser I suffered at least 4 nights a week. Headaches - I used to suffer daily headaches where I took Tylenol or Advil regularly. I now take neither as I have had zero headaches since my Laser treatment."

​​Janet - Pickering, ON  (3+ years smoke free)

Alcohol Addiction:

​"Through many years of struggling with alcohol use socially and as an escape from issues resulting from poor decisions made as a result from drinking... I came to realize that there was more to life than this, the partying and drinking daily was destroying us. I tried to overcome the drinking on my own by staying away from bars, parties, and even my closest friends in an attempt to 'fix' the problem. This would work for a short period of time but before long I was slowly dragging myself back into it, damaging my health, my relationship with my family members, and most important I was hurting the woman that meant the world to me.

​​I needed help. With trembling hands I scanned the internet until I found the website for ( in Whitby... I called and was sitting in David's office 3 short days later. And then and there once that first session was completed I knew that alcohol was no longer going to be able to control my life. If it was not for the treatment I would surely have lost a wonderful woman, my family and without a doubt my life.

Thank you so much for the help."
​H. from Quinte West, ON  (2+ years sober)
Pain Therapy (Ankle):

​"Staying active is essential as you age. Anyone that plays a lot of sports will know that injuries seem to be more frequent and healing time seems to lengthen as we get older. I used laser health services after an ankle sprain and found the healing time was cut in half, allowing me to get back on the field sooner than expected.

Thanks, laser worked for me."

​​M. Crawford, Oshawa, ON  (1+ years pain free)

Pain Therapy (Ribs/Back):

​"After suffering for almost 2 years with sore back muscles due to subluxating ribs, laser therapy helped me to significantly reduce the swelling in my back and keep the ribs in place. It eliminated the pain and allowed me to resume sports! Symptom free for over a year now and loving it! Great job!"

Jeff K - Brooklin, ON  (1+ years pain free)


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Anxiety Therapy:

"I have suffered from anxiety for years and it really gets in the way in leading a life that is worry free and in perspective. My symptoms included a constant anxious feeling, headaches, heart palpitations, and I exaggerated the impacts of normal day to day issues. I always had to be cognizant of diet, exercise and keeping things in check. In my constant quest to keep centred, I came across Laser Health Services as I drove by the location and as well on-line. On my first visit and thereafter, I was impressed with the care that David took to ensure that I understood the treatment that he was using and all efforts were made to treat my anxiety. The treatment room is calm and relaxing through the use of herbal infusion and gentle music. It puts one in the mindset for healing and relaxation. I felt that I could float after each treatment and was relaxed on into the time between treatments. I felt much better for going to be treated for a lengthy time period. David is a knowledgeable and caring practitioner and whatever your ailment is, it would be a good decision to go try these treatments; you are worth it!"

Louise - Whitby, ON  (2+ years anxiety controlled)

Anxiety Therapy:

​"I chose Laser Health Services after doing some reading about the effectiveness of laser treatements on anxiety. I had been going through a difficult period in my personal life when I decided to seek treatment with David. Although my anxiety had been manageable, I found that my challenging circumstances were causing some of my anxiety issues to surface. This was effecting my overall well-being during a period where I needed all the resilience I could muster. I am so glad that I sought laser treatment. I immediately felt relief. I would recommend treatment to anyone who suffers from anxiety issues.

Thankyou so much David"

Robin - Toronto, ON  (3+ years anxiety contolled)
Smoking Cessation:

​"I had two sessions of laser therapy in 2013 and finally quit smoking and it has been the best thing I have ever done for myself. I will send all my smoking friends to David who has saved me money and most important my health and also has given great support and to this day I have never smoked again nor will I ever. What a waste of health and money.

Good Luck!"

Chris, President/CEO Ink & Toner Express Canada Inc., Whitby, ON  (6+ months smoke free)

Smoking Cessation:

​"I had started smoking again after a serious injury and continued for three and half years. I fought it all the way trying to quit using everything available. Nothing worked. I just couldn't do it. I hated myself as I felt powerless. I couldn't stand the smell and I hated hiding it from my wife. Then I saw the sign for laser treatment to quit. I made an appointment to see David. After the second treatment I was completely free. I went for a couple of additional "booster" treatments just to make sure and have been smoke free now for three years. As a result of quiting smoking I was able to afford to ride my motorcycle with the money I've saved.

Thank you David for saving my life, my marriage and for the blast of fun riding!"

Michael P - Oshawa, ON  (3+ years smoke free)
Smoking Cessation:

"One of the Best choices I have made in my life. ​After smoking for 20+ years I finally really wanted to quit. I tried other methods like the patch, the gum, and I tried getting pills. They helped but never really took away the cravings. I knew I really wanted to quit smoking I just needed a little more help. After discussing the procedure for laser to help with the cravings I decided to give it a try. It was great. After one treatment I could feel the effects almost instantly. In the situations where I would normally have a cigarette I didn’t feel the need or the want of one. ​I truly feel that getting laser treatment is the best way of getting the extra help to quit smoking. The cost pays for itself after not wasting money buying cigarettes. ​Now, not only am I saving money, but I feel healthier and have a lot more energy.

Thank you."

Ron - Oshawa, ON  (1.5+ years smoke free)

Smoking Cessation:

​"I wanted to say Thanks to you David for your Treatment, your 1 hour chat on the phone before I even booked the appointment, Your support and understanding there and afterwards for checking up on me. It was Oct 21/2010 when I had my treatment. I remember it like it was yesterday. I asked you what did I have to do to prepare, you said nothing, So like an avid smoker I planned out my last few smokes. I had one on the drive over there and one when sitting in parking lot. I remember walking up to the door smoking it, turning at the door and flicking it away. I went in, you did the treatment and I walked out. I have not touched one since, I can be around them and it does not bother me in any way. I must say though to people reading this, before doing any kind of stop smoking you must have the mind set that this is what you want & you're going to do it. I did the patches and stuff but nothing worked on me like this. Please if you're wanting to give this the best try you can, You will never regret it. David will encourage you, he will stand behind you, he will be there for you. Look, it has been over 3 years for me and he emailed just recently to see how I was doing. I thank you as do so many in my family for helping me with this David, Honestly it was one of the easiest things I have ever done in my life."

Andrew W - Oshawa , ON  (3+ years smoke free)

"I had laser acupuncture over 18 years ago, which worked well for me then. But over the last few years my allergies starting acting up again. So after searching around, I found David at Laser Health Services! He was able to help me with only 4 sessions/treatments for my allergies and they have already shown to be better!!! He was always so nice to talk with and easy to get a hold of for appointments. He helped me with my seasonal and severe cat allergies and now we are able to keep our new cat without me sneezing and having ichy runny eyes all the time. Not only did David help me, but helped our new kitty get to stay with us!! I would recommend David and Laser treatment for anyone with bad allergies. Be patient and you will see a difference. As time goes on my allergy symptoms are almost completely gone now.

Thank you David for everything! :-)"

Samantha - Brooklin, ON  (3+ months allergies controlled)
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